How to feel happy when under stress

Whether it’s your end of term/year finals, family stress or work stress we all face situations where we are forced to experience mass amounts of stress. I have met few individuals who are able to deal well with stress by just brushing it off their shoulders like the workload is nothing. I envy these people. However, for the rest of us, stress can not only effect our performance but our down time, mental well-being and overall happiness.(>﹏<) So here are just a few ideas I have found are helpful in concurring and powering through stressful times.

Planning and prioritising

Take out your phone’s calendar or a physical planner and write out your week/s. For however long this stress period is going to last. Write every day out and dedicate tasks you need to accomplish for each day, from studying for your yearlies to the deadlines you have for your work projects. This will allow you to see what and where you need to prioritise which elements and tasks and assure yourself you have enough time to accomplish everything instead of being overwhelmed by the mass of it all. Take all these stressful thoughts, study days and deadlines dates out of your brain and write it all out instead. This way you can use that room wasted on worry for thinking and working the best you can.


Take time off

As much stress as you have, sparing a 10-minute break every couple of hours won’t affect the whole result in the end. Take time for yourself to enjoy a hobby or something you enjoy. It’s important for the long term in ensuring you’re able to make the most of your time and don’t burn out.

Find your place

Different people work differently in different places. Find your best place that enhances your concentration and allows you to get work done most efficiently. For me it’s in my room alone and undisturbed at my PC with a drink of some kind, usually just water. For you it might be your local library, your couch, in school, in bed, with a group of people, alone or with just one or two. Test some things out and see where you feel most productive.



Cleaning your space is so important. Often in times of stress, our minds are often so overwhelmed and cluttered as it is, it won’t end well if you have the added mess and clutter of the spaces we are supposed to relax in. Tidy your room, wipe your desk down, hang your clothes, light some candles. Make your space pretty and clean so your mind can feel clean and happy when you come home. You won’t need to worry about the added stress of a trash pile, dirty dishes or a messy desk when writing your essays. Before I could even write the post I needed to clean my room, if I have a messy space, I can’t think. These are all just distractions and aren’t helpful to productivity, so keep your space clean!

Early nights & Naps

The cycle of staying up procrastinating and binge studying or working, waking up tired for class/school/work and repeating when you come home is no way to nurture a healthy work environment. Try fixing your sleep schedule to a reasonable time and if you’re still tired, in the afternoon take a nap. I love naps, waking up at 5-6am for school, coming home at 4 and going straight into study doesn’t work for me. I usually take a nap from 4-5:30 most days and end up being able to use the rest of my night more productively with the added energy from the nap.



Relaxation tips:

-calming/all-time-favourite songs

-spend time with yourself alone

-drink something calming

-walk away from the monitor

-eat a good breakfast/lunch/dinner

Concentration tips:

-music music music, study playlists are my favourite thing in the world, here is a few links to some I particularly enjoy:

Chill/Future Bass

Kpop Instrumental (really good so you don’t end up jamming out to lyrics)

Anime (mostly) Instrumental soundtraks

-eliminate distractions

-get comfortable

-turn off phone or sign out of distracting social media apps

-prepare for a big work or study session with prompts of inspiration and ideas tailored to the project or assignment

Accepting your best is all you can do.

Thinking of the bigger picture always helps me relax when I work myself up over the thought of all the deadlines and pressure I am facing. Life goes on. If you feel overwhelmed and it is in turn making you extremely unhappy just accept that if you try your best and work as hard as you can, that is all you can do. Just work in the moment, focus on what you need to do for now and know that life goes on and this one thing will not determine the entirety of existence.



Okay, I think that is all I have. I hope in some way I could help you with your stress levels by suggesting methods to assist in coping with them. Please take care of yourself during these stressful times and try your very best! (^人^)






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