Restaurant Review: Hiroba


Hey guys! Long-time-no-post, sorry~

This morning I made plans to go into Strathfield, Sydney where I used to live with my best friend to try out a new place. Unfortunately he cancelled…but that didn’t stop me from pigging out on a copious amount of yummy Korean-style Japanese food !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


Japanese sushi bar: Hiroba is located next to Strathfield Station in Sydney. Strathfield is a very Korean-dominated suburb so the majority of the food spots and are Korean-run or Korean-influenced. I love love love Korean food, it’s one of my favourite cuisines and growing up in-and-around Strathfield, I know where all the best spots are. But I have yet to try Hiroba. Every time I seem to walk past it, the places is booming with customers and very noisy, which is not really my style unless I have a group to go with.

To avoid the rush of people, I tried to go when it opened, I ended up going in at about 11:30 AM. Only a couple of small families were there and the places wasn’t noisy at all. Not to say the interior was dead, it really wasn’t. The inside is decorated with a mix of traditional Japanese and Korean elements and the staff are all very friendly.



It is also good to note that the majority of the staff speak both fluent Korean and English; so whichever you, your friends or families are best and most comfortable speaking with, your mind can be at ease knowing you can speak with the waiters. They are very friendly and don’t judge you for how much you eat; which I really appreciate… hehe~ (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)


Now for the most important part, the food! The menu is quite long with a range of different foods. It starts with Korean-style Japanese entrees, udon and (hot/cold) soba, then there is sashimi, hand rolls, hosomaki and other sushi. Turn the page and it’s all traditional Korean foods, Korean fried rice, japchae, dolsot bibimbop, dobbap and Korean stir-fries. There is a huge range and tonnes of different option which I think would suit any type of taste buds. Even the pickiest eater can stomach a Teriyaki chicken roll covered in Japanese mayo and some kimchi fried rice!


Japanese Cold Soba

I had a tonne of items and I am glad I have such a big appetite because really the majority of the main dishes are sizes to share. I ordered cucumber hosomaki (baby cucumber rolls) which came with 12 pieces, a portion of Japanese cold soba with dipping sauce and a “small” plate of inari. It was a lot of food which I was not expecting at all due to the price it came to overall!

The sushi defiantly was not made with Japanese rice vinegar, it was also made with Korean seaweed; which mad the taste really unique compared to traditional Japanese sushi. I wanted to order the plate of inari for a dessert-type dish (I know, sounds weird) because I am not a huge sweets fan and inari is usually semi-sweet tasting (which is just right for my preferable taste) and very delectable. However when I got the plate and expected a dense, sweet ball of rice and fried tofu, I received a surprisingly salty taste instead. I am defiantly not complaining, I was just a wee-bit surprised!! (•̪ o •̪) I have tried countless sushi-bars’ inari as it is my most favourite dish to get, but this flavour was definitely a unique spin on the traditional-style Japanese inari! Needless to say I still enjoyed it.


Inari plate

Note: the wasabi they use was also very good and so is was pickled ginger!

The cold soba dish I had was also very good, however I think the dipping sauce was a bit too weak for my taste buds personally, but it was very refreshing! I very much enjoyed it!! And of course all orders will come with traditional Korean banchan, btw the kimchi here is really tasteful!

I didn’t have my friend with me to get their views on the meat dishes so unfortunately I cannot say, but they have a huge range and the place is usually very crowded so I would think they would be just as delicious!

The time it took for all my dishes to come out was very quick, about 5-7 minutes from ordering and the plating was very well presented.


Cucumber Hosomaki


The prices for the food alone, depending on which dish you get is averagely priced in my opinion, however including the service, the portions, the plating and taste, I believe that for the price I ended up paying ($34), I got a tonne of delicious food that I enjoyed eating immensely. I got 3 large portions for just over $30 and it left me full and happy for hours~ (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)


The location is easy to find, the interior is modest and humble, the staff is lovely, and the food is delicious and overall decently priced! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to preferably a small group of 4-5, perfect for students on a budget who can all chip in on the bill so that they can share the dishes and try everything. Or potentially Hiroba would be perfect for a couple with a big appetite that way you are able to have 2 Korean/Japanese mains and maybe 1-2 plates of sashimi or traditional Korean snacks. I plan to come here again and try more options with multiple people so I might make an updated review following this one including pictures and opinions of the foods with meat in them! So keep an eye out!!


Thank you for reading this review, I wish it was helpful to you and I hope to write more soon. ヾ(°∇°*)



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